June 17, 2011


Promiscuity? Hmm .. if it responded in a positive way of course this will be very exciting. We can be friends with all men want. But unfortunately, the phrase promiscuity has its own meaning which tend to be negative and dirty. Promiscuity like the Berlin Wall has been destroyed. No more limits. All completely free.

Adherents of promiscuity tends to no longer respect the norms in force. Promiscuity a bad result even if they accidentally hit. They think now is the era of them. Era to do something in accordance with the wishes without any restraints of any party. It's a big fallacy.

Early Occurrences of Free Intercourse

It is not wrong if the expansion of the United States to various countries in the world has been blamed as the beginning of spreading false understanding of free association. Not least in Indonesia, all things Western superpower must refer to this. How could I not, from spectacle to the food, the United States enough control on ground water.

Starting from food and spectacle-spectacle of the United States, which quickly spread across the country this is promiscuity gradually erode the defense of Eastern Indonesian community norms. Never tried to KFC or Mc Donald someone immediately said 'not hanging out, going out only to hold hands, immediately said to be' conservative ', and many more tunes "serene" other.

Other factors

In fact, eating just a small factor and the spectacle of an exaggeration. There are still many other factors that actually holds the largest role in eroding oriental culture and the creation of promiscuity. One of the main course, the lack of understanding of religion that is followed by a weak understanding of the result of the free pegaulan.

a. Lack of Understanding of Religion

Religion is control. Religion is a clue. Someone who has a little pamahaman about religion would be very easily influenced by any negative things, including the doctrine of promiscuity that is spread through western culture. Religion tdak longer be hold for them.

Thus, whatever they do will forever they think is right. Sin is no longer something that is feared by them. Moreover, parents babble. There will be no longer capable of reminding them, before they finally felt the impact and consequences of such promiscuity

b. Promiscuity Impact

Most of the impact or the result of promiscuity is perceived by adolescents and other age groups. Why did? At his age, the teens are looking for identity and want to try to do things that are considered new.

Smoking, drugs, free sex, and others. Indeed, initially they just try, but unfortunately it will only make someone who never did become addicted.

Increasing number of adolescents and among the productive age who suffer from Aids disease, died of overdose, and suffering from other chronic diseases is some evidence of the enormity of the result of this promiscuity. Yes, due to promiscuity is not only painful but also deadly.

Minimize the Impact of Promiscuity

Currently, to minimize the promiscuity among teenagers is not only the responsibility of religion, but rather a shared responsibility, especially the government, parents and the immediate environment. Governments should be able to restrict and filter out the serious damage to everything that comes from western culture.

In addition, parents also should not be too cool by association his children. Then, its immediate environment, in this school, should begin to provide insight on the dangers of promiscuity by providing sex education is fair.

Source : http://tinyurl.com/6znwraa